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Grommes 260A Limited Reissue 


"You turn the dial and something wonderful happens! You're there...reliving the original performance, hearing the songs you love with a new brilliant clarity...hearing the depth of life in each musical passage. Grommes Fidelity is high fidelity at its finest." 

The Original 260A
More info here 

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The Grommes Promise:

"The pure sound of Grommes...more and more the pure sound of Grommes is being heard in the most discriminating circles. For brilliance, full range, and the elusive 'presence' that is the ultimate test of high fidelity, Grommes instruments are unsurpassed--even by equipment of considerably higher cost."

Grommes is Back!

"Grommes features the finest electronic engineering--first in High Fidelity with outstanding

APPEARANCE: design, elegance

PERFORMANCE: excellence;

WORKMANSHIP: detailed, precise;

MATERIALS: highest quality;

DURABILITY: dependability."

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