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Grommes Products of the Past 2

"A masterpiece in handcrafted workmanship, the latest in electronic technology."

Model 55PG
Power Amplifier
Circa 1956
Model 230BA
60 Watts...120 Watts Peak
Power Amplifier
Circa 1956

"Designed for the ultimate Hi-Fi system. Special models available for recording and laboratory work."
Model 60PG
20 Watts...30 Watts Peak
Integrated Power Amplifier
Circa 1957
Model 221
20 Watts...40 Watts
Power Amplifier
Circa 1957

"Features exclusive circuitry, high gain, ultra-linear output stage, special output transformer, and variable impedance control for exact speaker matching."
The Little Jewel LJ-5
10 Watts...15 Watts
Power Amplifier
Circa 1957

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